5th Cherry Blossom Classic

May 26th - 29th OR May 27th - 29th 2017

Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport, Herndon, VA







Open (FIDE) -             4-day or 3-day

Under 2200 (FIDE) -             4-day or 3-day

Under 2000 -               4-day or 3-day

Under 1700 -               4-day or 3-day

Under 1400 -               4-day or 3-day

Under 1200 -                 2-day only


Sat Night Scholastic

Sunday Night FIDE Blitz




6 Sections: Open, U2200, U2000, U1700, U1400 play 7-rounds (4-day or 3-day schedule)

U1200 Section play 6-rounds 2-day schedule (G/90;d5)

2-Side events (Sat May 27rd and Sun May 28th)

Entry Fee: All Sections except U1200 $95 by May 15, $100 by May 22, $105 by May 25th and $115 later and at site. GMs/IMs/WGMs free; GMs, IMs & WGMs free, deduct $50 from prize; Addl. Conditions - First 6 GMs/IMs to Register by May 15th - Free HR in double shared accommodation (Must Register in advance). Re-entry $60 for all players (counts as half entry for prizes), except no re-entry in FIDE Sections - Open/U2200 Sections. Refunds will involve a 3% service charge. U1200 Section entry fee $20 less (counts as 3/4th entry for prizes).

Time control: Open/U2200/U2000/U1700/U1400 Sections: 4-day Schedule: May 26-29: 7-SS Rd 1 Fri G/90;+30sec inc.; Rds 2-7: 40/90;SD/30;+30sec inc. 3-day Schedule: May 27-29 Rd 1 G/45;+30sec inc, Rds 2-3 Sat G/90;+30sec inc, Rds. 4-7 Sun/Mon 40/90;SD/30;+30sec inc. U1200 plays only 2-day G/90 d5.

Registration: Register Online OR Mail checks (payable to Capital Area Chess) to Cherry Blossom Classic, Attn. Capital Area Chess, PO Box 223582, Chantilly, VA 20151. Email info only: Anand Dommalapati, cbc2017@capitalareachess.com

Minimum USCF/FIDE 2000 Rating Requirement to play in Open Section else pay $50 more; Minimum USCF/FIDE 1900 Rating Requirement to play in Under 2200 Section else pay $50 more;

Schedule/Round times: 4-day schedule: Reg. ends Fri 7 pm, rds. Fri 8 pm, Sat 11am - 5:30pm, Sun 11am - 5:30pm, Mon 9:30am - 3:30pm. 3-day schedule: Reg. ends Sat 10am, Rds. 1-3 Sat 11am - 2pm - 7pm and Rds. 4-7 follows 4-day schedule. Under 1200 2-day schedule only (Sat 11am-3pm-7pm, Sun 10am-2pm-6pm).

Byes: Up to two 1/2pt byes available in all sections, must commit 1 hour before start of rd. 4 (latest by Sun 8:30am)

Hotel Rate: $99/night if reserved by May 15th. Reservations 703-471-6700, mention chess tournament. OR Reserve online with Group Code CBC - 5th Cherry Blossom Classic Chess Tournament Hotel Reservation

Boards and sets provided in ALL sections. Clocks supplied in the Open section.



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