8th Cherry Blossom Classic

May 21st - 25th, May 22nd/23rd/24th - 25th 2020

Washington Dulles Airport Marriott

45020 Aviation Dr, Dulles, VA 20166, VA 20166







Open (FIDE) -             5-day ONLY

Under 2300 (FIDE) -             4-day or 3-day

Under 2000 (FIDE) -             4-day or 3-day

Under 1700 -                4-day or 3-day

Under 1400 -                4-day or 3-day


U1100 -Sat 1-day

U1100 -Sun 1-day




Registration Details for 8th Cherry Blossom Classic (2021) COMING SOON ...

USCF & FIDE Rated; FIDE RULES followed in OPEN, U2300 & U2000 Sections.

FIDE Ratings used for Pairings & Prizes in OPEN Section. U2300 & U2000 uses USCF Ratings for Pairings & Prizes. FIDE/Foreign Ratings w/Formula used if NO USCF OR Not Current

Conditions for titled/foreign players, Rentries, Refunds/Service charges: Appearance fee for GM/IM/WGM/WIM titled players who register by 5/1 and play all 9 games with no byes: First 6 Foreign GMs $500, First 6 Foreign IMs/WGMs/WIMs $300, First 4 US GMs $200. Limited double shared accommodation for 4-nights provided to the first 10 GMs/IMs who register/ commit by Apr 16th 2020. Re-entry $70 except no re-entry in FIDE Sections - Open/U2300/U2000 Sections. Refunds will involve a $5 service charge.

Minimum Rating to play in Open Section: USCF/FIDE 2200 except Foreign FIDE Rated Players, ELSE pay $100 more for players USCF/FIDE 2000-2199.; Minimum USCF/FIDE 1600 Rating Requirement to play in Under 2100 Section else pay $50 more. NOTE: Most Recent Published May 2020 Rating Supplement available as of May 15th is used for this Tournament, in order to utilize the most up-to-date official information released by US Chess.

Entry Fees: Open: $205 by 4/16, $220 by 5/14, $230 by 5/20, $240 later and onsite. GMs/Foreign IMs/WGMs Free, No prize deduction if registering by 4/16, else $100 deducted from prize. US IMs/WGMs/Foreign FIDE Players $100 less, $80 deducted from prize. U2300 to U1400: $120 by 4/16, $135 by 5/14, $140 by 5/21, $150 later and onsite. U1100: $60 by 4/16, $75 by 5/14, $80 by 5/21, $90 later and onsite. Re-entry $60, no re-entry in Open/U2300/U2000. Onsite Entry closes 1-hr before Round 1 else Enter with 1/2 point byes.

Time control: Open 9-SS 40/90;SD/30;+30inc. U2300/U2000/U1700/U1400: 7-SS (4-day: Rd1-7 40/90;SD/30;+30. 3-day: Rd1 G/45;+30, Rds2-3 G/90;+30, Rds4-7 40/90;SD/30;+30). U1100 May 23rd or 24th (2 separate 1-day events), 4-SS G/45;d5.

Registration: Register Online OR Mail checks (payable to Capital Area Chess) to 8th Cherry Blossom Classic, Attn. Capital Area Chess, 5116 Bebe Ct, Centreville, VA 20120. Email info only: Anand Dommalapati, cbc2020@capitalareachess.com

Forfeit/Zero Tolerance Policy: All Sections follows USCF Defaults 1-hr with greater than 1-hr t/c games EXCEPT for 3-day Rd. 1 and U1100 45mins.

Cell Phone Penalty - All Sections except Open: 1st Offense 10 mins off the clock; 2nd Offense Lose Game (doesn't have to be in the same game). OPEN SECTION LOSE GAME ON 1st OFFENSE

Schedule/Round times: Open 5-day (Thu 7pm; Fri 12pm-7pm, Sat/Sun 11am-5:30pm, Mon 9:30am-3:30pm). U2300 to U1400 4-day: Reg. ends Fri 6 pm, Rds. Fri 7pm, Sat/Sun/Mon same as Open. 3-day: Reg. ends Sat 10am, Rds. 1- 3 Sat 11am-2pm-7pm and Rds. 4-7 follows 4-day. U1100: 2 Separate events - Sat / Sun 11am-1pm-3pm-5pm.

Byes: limit 3 in Open, limit 2 in U2300 to U1400, must commit 1 hour before rd. 4, norm not possible in Open if taking bye. Limit 1 bye in last 2 rounds. U1100 limit 1 bye declare at Registration/before Round 1 starts

Hotel Rate: $109/night by May 1st. Reservations call 1-703- 471-9500, mention chess tournamentCherry Blossom classic. OR

Click here to Reserve HR Online

Boards and sets provided in ALL sections. Clocks supplied in the Open section.

Two Side Events

Fri Night Rapid Rated May 22 7pm  5-SS, G/15 d10. $400 b/25 $180-90-50 Top U1400/Top U1200 $40 each. EF: $20 by May 21st online, Onsite $25 by 6pm. Rounds start 7pm and ASAP. Max 1 byes allowed at entry. Mail checks (payable to Capital Area Chess) to Cherry Blossom Classic, Attn. Capital Area Chess, 5116 Bebe Ct, Centreville, VA 20120. Email info only: Anand Dommalapati, cbc2020@capitalareachess.com.

Sat Night Open FIDE Rated and U1800 USCF Rated Blitz - May 23 10pm  (20 GPP Enhanced) 2 Sections - Open (FIDE) and Amatuer/U1800. Open: G/3;+2; 5-SS Double. $$800 GTD: $300-200-100 Top U2300/U2100 $100 each. U1800 (b/16): $200-$100 Top U1400/U1200 $50 each. EF: $35 by May 22nd online, Onsite. $40 by 9:45pm. Rounds start 10pm. Max 1 byes allowed at entry. More information/ Online registration: www.cherryblossomchess.com.



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